Welcome to Sword Price Fighters, the UK's best value fencing equipment supplier.
Whether you are a competitive, recreational or beginner fencer or a coach, you are buying for yourself, your pupils, a club, school or university, and whether you fence epee, sabre or foil, we can supply clothing and equipment that's right for you at unbeatable prices.
We supply weapons, blades and parts, bags, scoring and coaching equipment, and a selection of clothing (our new Competition range of 350N clothing is suitable for all UK competitions except A grades).
We are able to keep our prices low, without compromising on quality, by manufacturing outside the EU and selling only through our website. See our price comparison chart to see how our prices fare against Leon Paul.
We aim to give you great quality, fantastic value and a fast service.
Happy shopping - Terence Kingston
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PS: We will soon be bringing a range of 800N clothing, maraging blades, and 21st century scoring equipment, all at prices that will please you.
top row:
Breeches £36.99
Electric Epees £43.99
Foil Mask £59.99
second row:
Bayonet Bodywire £9.99
Scoring Box £239.99
800N FIE Plastron £42.99
third row:
Guitar Bag £49.99
Sabre Lame £74.99
Epee Book £11.99

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