Why Sword Price Fighters?

In the early 90s, as a qualified fencing coach passionate about the sport of fencing, I despaired about how fencing in the UK was failing to develop and remained in the doldrums of being a very, very minority sport: still the domain of the privately educated.

Traditional ways of teaching fencing had failed; hundreds of beginner classes throughout the UK produced very few individuals who became committed, enthusiastic fencers. The kit from the only UK supplier at the time was very expensive.

Because I wanted to promote and widen the appeal of the sport of fencing, in my own small way I started by combining my graphic design skills with my thorough knowledge of fencing and produced a series of posters and a book. My Basic Position Posters started to supply some support for coaches in schools. And my Epee Combat Manual, with its simple teaching style and numerous illustrations, started to encourage the teaching of epee to beginners without reference to foil and its confusing conventions (which cause many to give up fencing after their beginners course).

Years later, because of new regulations on personal protection equipment, hundreds of schools, clubs and coaches (including myself) were forced to dispose of their kit and often replacement was just too expensive.

So I decided to start Sword Price Fighters and, instead of pricing my products the same as other suppliers, to introduce very low prices across the whole range of kit (without compromising quality). So clubs, schools and universities will be able to buy more kit, and run more classes that will lead to more enthusiastic fencers. And those fencers will then be able to afford to buy their own kit (instead of being deterred from continuing fencing by exorbitant prices). And coaches will see the benefit of buying their own kit for pupils and creating a fencing business.

We needed to produce fencing clothing that was as good if not better than all the others on the market. So by sourcing the best possible material and working with manufacturers dedicated to quality and service we have created our "super safe" 350N clothing (average rating of nearly 550N) which is tested and certified by the FIE approved IFTH test house in France. This range which we call our Competition Range is suitable for all UK competitions (except A grades).

However, great quality is no good if it is too pricey. By not having a shop to keep open six days a week and by only selling through our website we are able to cut our costs to the bone. Our competitors charge shop prices on their websites. Further, our manufacturers understand this and are able to supply us at prices that enable us to pass on that fantastic value to our customers. Because of this we are able to beat all other UK fencing retailers on value for money.

But a good price and superb quality is no use to you if you have to wait ages for your order. So by holding large stocks on-the-shelf we are able to service most large mixed order the same day, to be with you next day if needed urgently.

And the future? Well watch this space we will soon be bringing a range of 800N clothing, maraging blades, and 21st century scoring equipment, all at prices that will please you

Terence Kingston

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